Centrum environmentálnych služieb, s.r.o.
Kutlíkova 17
852 50 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 2 6828 6451
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  • business sector (various companies, business, public enterprises, etc.).
  • public sector (state and public administration, local authorities)
  • the third sector (Non-Gvernmental Organizations, associations and interest associations, foundations, etc.).

Services of our company can use a wide range of legal or physical people, particularly those involved in business, unions, associations and various interest associations, including non-governmental organizations of the third sector, as well as villages, cities, VÚC and state agencies.
In the field of business, our services intended primarily for production companies each focus, energy companies and operators of energy and telecommunications networks, pharmaceutical companies and their distributive storage houses, technology providers, but also telecommunication and transport companies. Villages, towns and VÚC can use our services, mostly in meeting legal obligations relating to the protection and creation of environment. Developers in the preparation of investment plans, our services ensure the elimination of potential risks in terms of environmental limits and thus allow to optimize the cost from the beginning of the preparatory work. Our services will help to operators of tourism facilities with the streamline the investment cost in planning development activities.